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Patients Reviews

Personal, conversational, positive experience. Could not have been better!

Mark Sanford Y. | Sep 16, 2023
I had an appointment for my annual skin evaluation with Dr. Adam's. This was my first visit with him and I was very happy with his examination. His office and staff are excellent. I highly recommend him for any dermatologist needs.

Jeanie A. | Sep 15, 2023
Thorough, takes time with patient, extremely knowledgeable, and down to earth.

Jason B. | Sep 14, 2023
Very nice. Not long to wait. Had a skin issue, they didn't know what it was so referred me to a dermatologist.

Andee L. | Sep 12, 2023
Examination provided a solution to successful ending.

Howell S. | Sep 07, 2023
Friendly, efficient, and caring physician and staff.

Joan L. | Sep 07, 2023
Fast, Friendly, wonderful bedside manner I would highly recommend

Mike M. | Sep 07, 2023
All I expected

Louis S. | Sep 02, 2023
new doc due to the broken insurance medicare system. Derrick is a very personable and refreshing young man

William G. | Aug 31, 2023
Dr. Adams took time to listen to my concerns.

Susan S. | Aug 29, 2023
Brief, but understanding. He put my feelings and conditions first. Very reassuring.

James F. | Aug 29, 2023
Staff was lovely and procedure was explained thoroughly - when Dr came in he was ready to go and reiterated all that was discussed prior. Everyone is on the same page and it was appropriated!

Cigi R. | Aug 28, 2023
Dr Adam's took time with me and addressed my concerns. He involved me with my care. He was on time and the staff was professional and friendly.

Brooke M. | Aug 18, 2023
Dr. Adams was very informative in explaining pluses and minuses of the result of the biopsy on my hair follicles. He suggested treatment to prevent more loss of hair follicles.

Pamela B. | Aug 18, 2023
experience was great. dr adams went beyond dermatology in that he understood my wifes total issues and acted accordingly

Chester Z. | Aug 17, 2023
Dr. Adams was great.

Jon W. | Aug 10, 2023
Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Brett K. | Aug 09, 2023
Excellent care. Pleasant office experience. I will return.

Bonnie W. | Aug 09, 2023
Excellent doctor, very personable

James S. | Aug 06, 2023
friendly, honest, kind, and knowledgeable! Can’t wait to continue my care here!

Alexis V. | Aug 03, 2023
Very personable and professional. Was pleased with the experience and advice.

George M. | Aug 03, 2023
Pleasant and satisfying results

Shirley F. | Jul 29, 2023
Absolutely top notch

Warren J. | Jul 26, 2023
Kind, helpful caring. My first visit and I've already recommended him to my family!!

Julie B. | Jul 26, 2023
Excellent physician with awesome office staff.

Randell V. | Jul 25, 2023
Absolutely wonderful

Belinda R. | Jul 25, 2023
Dr. Adams is very personable and knowledgeable, great listener.

Jim T. | Jul 25, 2023
Very relaxed and low-key appointment environment, friendly staff. I was in and out with all issues promptly resolved.

Dennis F. | Jul 25, 2023
I am a new patient and had my first appointment last week. The experience was great from calling to make an appointment, to checking in using the automated system, to actually having the exam. The office staff is very helpful and friendly. My actual appointment went very well. The Assistant who greeted me, took me into the exam exam room and covered my basic information was thorough and efficient. Dr. Adams is personable and made me feel at ease during my full body exam. We discussed my dermatology history and at the end I felt that I had a good appointment so I will be back in 6 months.

Allan S. | Jul 20, 2023
Dr. Adams was the best! He was so kind and listened with empathy about my skin cancer concerns. Best dermatologist I've seen in many years!

Katie O. | Jul 11, 2023
Dr. Adams is straightforward, informative, and takes time to make sure all issues are addressed.

Rob S. | Jul 11, 2023
Professional and personable. I consider getting my face carved on torturous and traumatic but I trust Dr. Adam's. I've been to several dermatologists and I'm more than willing to drive the 2.5 hours to know that it's done right. Thank you!

Jason J. | Jul 05, 2023
Dr. Adams and his staff were friendly, skilled, and efficient. Dr. Adams has a great attitude and enthusiasm for his work. He examined me and decided to remove a growth on my back. His staff called me quickly with the diagnosis. I would definitely recommend Dr. Adams to my friends,

Carol K. | Jul 05, 2023
excellent communication, and follow up!

CAROL I. | Jul 04, 2023
Staff and Dr.Adams are great

Marty A. | Jul 04, 2023
Took time with me. Answered all of my questions. Very nice and professional. Sending other family members to him.

SHERYL P. | Jun 26, 2023
Very pleasant Doctor

Nadia M. | Jun 25, 2023
The assistant made eye contact and talked with me as did the doctor which was a completely different experience than my previous office that I was going to.

Julia C. | Jun 25, 2023
Dr. Adams was very informative, and concerned for my arms exposure to sun over 40 years........obviously a very intelligent doctor!

Mark S. | Jun 24, 2023
Fantastic experience

Joanne C. | Jun 24, 2023
The front office staff was helpful and the doctor provided excellent care and I felt confident in his integrity.

Carissa B. | Jun 21, 2023
Very professional and pleasant interactions with front office and medical assistant. Dr. Adams was very engaging. He listened to what I had to say, and gave great feedback and direction. Additionally, he made efforts to connect with me as a patient. Thank you so much for such an excellent medical experience!

Paul W. | Jun 18, 2023
WONDERFUL!! Everyone of the staff members were friendly and made me feel taken care of and welcome. I am so glad to have a new dermatologist office which is much closer to home and where I feel comfortable. I'm happy that I chose this office for future dermatology needs. Thank you so much. Kay

Kay J. | Jun 17, 2023
Went to see Dr. Adams for a mole I had concerns about and he took care of it for me no problems there and So I also had a full body check. Will be see him again when the time comes.

Donna S. | Jun 17, 2023
Dr Adams was very kind. His plan for my care was very practical and helpful.

Pamala G. | Jun 05, 2023
Finally received a referral that fixed my problem

Pam V. | Jun 01, 2023
Dr. Adams was very knowledgeable and helpful for my first ever dermatologist appointment. He is very kind and my appointment was easy and successful. Thank you Dr. Adams.

Darci O. | May 31, 2023
Knowledgeable, kind, good listener and concern addressed

Vicki M. | May 31, 2023
Dr. Adams was friendly, pretty quiet, and not rough in the least during the exam. He kindly offered to freeze an SK, but neither one of us knew if it would be covered by insurance, so we didn't do it. It would be very helpful if there was a way to know this at the time of service to avoid any billing surprises. (BTW, I understand this is a systemic problem...not something specific to Dr. Adams' practice)

Michael C. | May 31, 2023
The Doctor was wonderful, He was very professional, but also very concerned about taking care of what I needed done. The results turned out great. Very nice disposition. Thank You

Carol T. | May 31, 2023
The office staff was courteous and professional. Dr. Adams had a great bed side manor. I enjoyed my appointment. Highly recommend Dr. Adams to anyone looking for professional care.

Jeff S. | May 28, 2023
Very fast and proffesional.

Margaret B. | May 26, 2023
I have never visited your office I do not live in California

Sidney R. | May 26, 2023
Super professional. Listened and explained everything .

James C. | May 24, 2023
Staff was nice and everything went well.

Marie W. | May 21, 2023
Great Experience. Dr Adams is very personable and down to earth. It felt more like a visit with a friend than a doctor. So glad to have found him.

Gary W. | May 21, 2023
I was pleased with my first visit to the office. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Donna B. | May 20, 2023
Caring doctor and wonderful staff

Ed M. | May 20, 2023
Thank you for a good experience at your office. You, Dr. Adams, and your staff were very friendly and helpful for my skin issue.

Linda C. | May 20, 2023
Professional, efficient.

James C. | May 14, 2023
I met Dr. Adams for the first time last week and I found him open and friendly, a no nonsense doctor, who immediately addressed my concerns and went to work on my arms and back. He was efficient and talked me through what he was doing. I had to explain to friends why my arms looked so bad, but it was just part of the healing process from the procedures he performed.

Lynette S. | May 11, 2023
Very impressed! Best 'bedside' manner I have seen in years! Told my husband all about Dr. Adams.

Gwen M. | May 10, 2023
Very honest and gave full attention and time. Did not rush!

TEJINDER T. | May 10, 2023
Dr. Adams was very personable to both of us and thorough with my father's exam. Empathy was a bonus!

Deborah B. | May 09, 2023
Personable, timely, friendly

Diane E. | May 09, 2023
Received great care! Very satisfied with my experience.

Julie M. | May 06, 2023
Very professional. Nice people.

Pae H. | May 02, 2023
The doctor was very personable and pleasant to work with. My appt was only for an annual scan, but he still gave time and attention to the work and to me.

Katherine M. | May 01, 2023
Dr. Adams took care of concerns. His staff was very pleasant and friendly. Both Dr. Adams and his staff made me feel like a person and not a number.

Carrie B. | Apr 25, 2023
The staff at Dr. Adams office is always very sweet and informative. A pleasure to work with

Kathy H. | Apr 25, 2023
Very satisfactory

Ronda S. | Apr 25, 2023
Had another cancerous spot removed from my back. Margins negative, healing well. Dr. Adams does splendid work, with a great personality.

James W. | Apr 25, 2023
Very friendly staff, made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Adams was very open and honest and gave me plenty of options regarding my skin issues.

Michael G. | Apr 25, 2023
I was very pleased with Dr. Adams. He took the time to listen to my concerns. He is very knowledgeable and has a caring and professional staff. I highly recommend him.

Teri F. | Apr 20, 2023
My experience with Dr. Adams was comfortable and professional. His staff was pleasantly responsive to all of my questions. I highly recommend them..

Robert B. | Apr 18, 2023
So happy that I go to Dr. Adams, He is close to home, Lincoln, CA and I don't have to drive in heavy traffic to Roseville. He is caring, and compassionate and easy to talk to. He tells me exactly the treatment he is prescribing to cure my condition.

Marie B. | Apr 17, 2023
On time, concerned with my issues, and spent quality time with me talking about my list. Highly recommend.

Patti H. | Apr 16, 2023
Very professional and thorough.

David N. | Apr 16, 2023
The staff was very efficient and very friendly. Dr took the time to explain my pathology report in a manner I could understand. He did not make me wait for another appointment to take care of my issue. It was quick and painless. I would recommend him to anybody needing a dermatologist .

Geri C. | Apr 15, 2023
Dr. Adams is not only knowledgeable and professional, he is caring and takes the time to make you feel valued. His treatment is helping and I highly recommend him!

SR L. | Apr 15, 2023
My first visit with Dr. Adams was everything I had hoped it would be. He was welcoming, and showed great interest in learning about my past dermatology needs past and present. He gave me a complete physical look over top to bottom and front to back all the while being an intent listener to my comments and questions. I left feeling I had found a perfect match in a dermatologist. I look forward to staying in his care and will recommend him to others in need of quality care.

Gary C. | Apr 15, 2023
I enjoyed meeting Dr. Adams and his staff.

Mona M. | Apr 15, 2023
Dr and staff met my needs, were proficient in MOHs procedure, and very friendly.

Mary M. | Apr 15, 2023
Friendly Staff and Dr Adams was personable and straightforward. Thank you

Judy H. | Apr 15, 2023
Great friendly staff, well organized office and the best dermatologist who explained clearly my concerns.

Jim K. | Apr 15, 2023
I was calling to cancel my appointment, thinking it was on the 14th because I received a reminder. I didn't look at the reminder, thinking it would only be sent to me the day before. The receptionist found it's not until the 20th so I'll keep the appointment. Instead of just cancelling.

Timothy R. | Apr 15, 2023
Very professional, immediate attention and follow-up! Nice staff.

Mary O. | Apr 14, 2023
Staff and doctor are very professional and caring.

John M. | Apr 14, 2023
Was a first time visit, doctor is very personable. Will come back again if and when I have a need to.

Phyllis T. | Apr 14, 2023
Dr. & staff friendly. He explained the procedure he was going to do in detail which left me with less anxiety.

Cheryl M. | Apr 14, 2023
Happy we now have a dermatologist in the Lincoln area, saving time. Dr. Adams was very thurough during my initial appointment.

Paul T. | Feb 17, 2023
It was good

Esperanza M. | Feb 16, 2023
Excellent Svc

Emmett A R. | Feb 12, 2023
Excellent caring Doctor

Dennis O. | Feb 12, 2023
Prompt, friendly, efficient. My feet thank you, Dr. Adams!

Eileen T. | Feb 11, 2023
Very thorough doctor. Listened to me.

Susan K. | Feb 11, 2023
A very refreshing experience. Never even met previous Dr, only a practitioner. No chance to really talk about about skin problems and how to improve them. Dr Adams is there to address all problems.

Alexander E. | Feb 11, 2023
New patient, extremely satisfied with all aspects of care.

Larry D. | Feb 11, 2023
I had a skin tag removed by Dr. Adams, and the procedure was problem free, and painless. Will definitely recommend him.

Robert T. | Jan 25, 2023
Positive experience with Dr. Adams and intern.

Caryn M. | Jan 21, 2023
Very personable, took care of my needs.

Karen E. | Jan 20, 2023
We have been dealing with a skin rash/irritation for over a year with numerous doctors appointments with a different doctor. One quick appointment and a prescription that finally worked! We are now rash free!

Cayden M. | Jan 17, 2023
Very direct and helpful with questions.

Daniel M. | Jan 17, 2023
Staff was friendly. Dr. Adams was patient and took his time in going over my issues. I appreciated not feeling rushed.

Erin E. | Jan 16, 2023

Ed S. | Jan 14, 2023
Dr. Adams took very good care of my mom, Barbara Bowler. She was happy with the procedure and her skin is healing well. Also your staff is great !

Barbara B. | Jan 14, 2023
Love Dr. Adams. Professional and to the point but without being preachy. I drove 120 miles each way for my appointment but well worth it.

Robin T. | Jan 14, 2023
Personable, knowledgeable,respectful of patient and her background--good philosophy of care

Nancy L. | Jan 13, 2023
very friendly staff, including dr adams. thanks for the lemons.

Laurel L. | Jan 13, 2023
First time at this office, very friendly staff. Dr Adams was very knowledgeable and did the most thorough skin exam that I’ve had in a long time. Would highly recommend.

Gordon C. | Jan 12, 2023
Before going to Dr. Adam’s I felt like oh this will just be another Dr. that tells me what treatments I need that end up not working like usual for me but he was straight to the point he is very educated and knows how to deliver the proper treatments the first time it was a huge relief finding such an amazing Dr!

Summer A. | Jan 12, 2023
Pleasant and professional.

Karen V. | Dec 31, 2022
Great experience with Dr Adam and his staff. Very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.

Jade T. | Dec 27, 2022
Very personable doctor, on time. Described what he thought the problem was. Biopsy proved him right.

Rebecca S. | Dec 27, 2022
Friendly and Painless.

RALPH B. | Dec 24, 2022

Jaime A. | Dec 22, 2022
Office was clean and modern. Staff friendly and efficient. Dr Adams very professional but down to earth. No excessive wait time to see the Dr. Very satisfying visit. I would recommend this practitioner to all who seek care.

Charles G. | Dec 22, 2022
I was able to see Dr. Adams within a few days of calling to make an appointment even though I was not an existing patient. I did not have to sit in the waiting area for more than a minute or two when I arrived for the appointment and everyone from the front desk to the doctor were all very nice from start to finish. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Adams and his staff for anyone in need of dermatological care. Rich Flanigan

Richard F. | Nov 28, 2022
Appointment started on time. All of the staff was friendly and helpful.

Anthony K. | Nov 28, 2022
My first time to see Dr. Adams on a skin issue currently taking medication

Ken B. | Nov 28, 2022
He is great!!!!! Very informative and I feel super comfortable with him!!!! I am happy to have found a Doctor I can stay with for many years to come!

Lisa W. | Nov 26, 2022
Friendly, helpful, professional

Donald H. | Nov 26, 2022
From my initial phone call, through my exam and biopsy, to treatment of a basal cell skin cancer, I couldn't be more satisfied with Dr. Adams, and the entire staffs care! Thanks!

Eric A. | Nov 25, 2022
Was able to get an appointment quickly for a worrisome skin condition that I feared might be cancerous. Biopsy was done quickly and painlessly, and Dr. Adams called me himself immediately when results were available. Luckily results were negative for cancer. I also found that the entire staff from receptionist, nursing assistant and doctor were all extremely efficient, friendly, and professional.

Susan G. | Nov 25, 2022
Very satisfied with my first appointment with Dr. Adams. He is very knowledgeable and has had a lot of experience in his field. He was very personable and in such a convenient location. I highly recommend him to all my friends and neighbors.

Judy J. | Nov 25, 2022
I'm very pleased to have found Dr Adams. Great service, personable and prompt in replying to you. Office staff friendly and efficient. Very happy

Gay G. | Nov 25, 2022
Loved the doctor and office staff. Sent my son to them 2 weeks later.

Rhondi H. | Nov 24, 2022
Dr. Adams was friendly and fast! He is very needed in this area. I am telling all of my friends! Jan

Janet E. | Oct 27, 2022
Dr Adams did a biopsy (negative) on my small face infection but did not try to go further to help with identifying and healing.

Lynn C. | Oct 27, 2022
Very professional throughout!

Harold F. | Oct 26, 2022
I was very pleased with Dr. Adams . He does a good checkpup and ask questions about your history.

John H. | Oct 24, 2022
Doctor Adams staff is friendly, and helpful. Doctor Adams is friendly, and knowledgeable. Everyone made me feel welcome.

Erin W. | Oct 24, 2022

Jim N. | Oct 23, 2022
open to work with me

Brad C. | Oct 22, 2022
Very informative and straight forward.

Randall S. | Oct 21, 2022
Easy to talk to and seemed interested in solving an issue I have been having

Patti S. | Oct 21, 2022
Dr. Adams is great. Has great bedside manner, thoroughly answered my questions, provided recommendations when asked. Doesn't rush through the appointment but works efficiently. His staff is always friendly, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend.

Rebecca S. | Oct 20, 2022
My experience was just what I was looking for, thorough, efficient, on time. and reasonably priced. I do recommend this office

Jay T. | Oct 16, 2022
Very professional and friendly

Jack E. | Oct 13, 2022
Dr Adams was friendly and professional, as was his staff.

Irene H. | Oct 13, 2022
I had a cancerous growth removed from my temple. Doctor Adams explained the alternative treatments and implemented the procedure we discussed. It was done on the time schedule he set up and was virtually painless. I was particularly impressed and thankful that he had a technician on site who examined the biopsy material immediately and noted an area that needed additional attention. During the same visit, Dr. Adams removed the additional cancerous material. I believe that this on-site evaluation process will save me about two weeks of recovery time as opposed to dermatologists who have to mail off the samples to a distant lab for analysis. I must also say that all of the staff was very competent and seemed eager to make my visit as comfortable as possible. They succeeded !

David W. | Oct 12, 2022
He understood the issue and took care of it immediately. Thank you

Angela G. | Oct 12, 2022
Good Doc! Took the time to listen and understand issue. Relatable and provided good counsel and medical advice. Booking was easy, seen on time. Great experience

Paul C. | Oct 12, 2022
I was taken into the examining room promptly & Dr. Adam’s was friendly, thoroughly explaining my problem and the options available to correct it. And that the office was nearby was a bonus.

Kathy C. | Oct 12, 2022
Dr. Adams has been providing care for myself and my husband in Red Bluff, CA. Dr. Adams provides the kind of care that keeps us returning. We do not mind the commute, his care is that good. As retired RN's, we appreciate his proficiency in diagnosing and treating our skin health. I was impressed with how he skillfully removed a large mass from my husbands neck, and my husband did not feel discomfort. He takes the time to look over any areas of concern. He explains things very well, and takes the time to listen...really listen. He asks if we have questions, and gives thorough and thoughtful answers. His office staff is welcoming and helpful.

Lisette H. | Oct 12, 2022
Thank you for such a great visit. I highly recommend Dr Adam's ,he is kind,considerate,takes time to listen,made me feel at ease. He is the consumate professional in every way. Dr Adam's and all his staff were so welcoming and kind from the time I entered to the time the visit ended . It was one the best experiences I have had,100% plus .

Elizabeth M. | Oct 11, 2022
Very friendly and professional office staff and doctor, efficient and attentive without the large more impersonal atmosphere of many large offices. I would highly recommend this office for anyone looking for a dermatologist.

Evelyn C. | Oct 11, 2022
Dr. Adams was so nice and personable. He took a biopsy and we are waiting for the results. Sorry I unsubscribed from you by accident. I did not recognize the name.

Elton F. | Oct 11, 2022
First visit far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Adams is very pleasant, listens, shows actual concern, and does what is needed. Highest recommendation. His staff were very friendly, welcoming and efficient.

Gary L. | Oct 08, 2022
Dr Adams was personable and professional. The appointment was concluded with the biopsy within fifteen minutes. I was so delighted that I have already told friends about Dr Adams.

Karen Y. | Oct 06, 2022
Great visit. Right to the point and very friendly!

Jeromy D. | Oct 02, 2022
Supper experience.

Chuck S. | Oct 01, 2022
Checking with receptionist was timely and friendly. Our experience with the doctor showed that he was knowledgeable and thorough.

Larry D. | Sep 21, 2022
Nice location, pleasant courteous staff, worth the 2 hour drive.

Cathy H. | Sep 17, 2022

Terry L. | Sep 15, 2022
Enjoy my experience. Staff was very pleasant and professional.

Paul O. | Sep 15, 2022
They were very understanding and helped with my insurance issues so I could receive care!!

Alan D. | Sep 15, 2022
It was not easy to find dermatologist around Lincoln or Roseville that accepted my health insurance. Someone had helped me to find one and we found Dr. Derrick Adams online. Glad that we found him. He was very pleasant and caring doctor. Hope that he will stay around here for a long time. His office was really neat and his staffs were pleasant people. I am deaf and when my ASL interpreter & I entered the exam room, I noticed a paper pad with pen. They prepared very well but we didn't need paper and pen because of interpreter. That impressed me!!

Judy F. | Aug 27, 2022
It was perfect, great staff, friendly, helpful

Richard M. | Aug 27, 2022
Best experience. He was able to take care of my son even when his regular doctor wouldn't thru kaiser. The appointment was efficient. My son felt minimal pain. And Dr. Adam's was so great with him. We will definitely be using Dr. Adam's again for our dermatological needs.

Jamie N. | Aug 24, 2022
I found Dr Adams to be very relaxed and easy to talk to. He was direct and to the point and knew exactly what needed to be done for a person with my symptoms. His office is clean and well organized. The receptionist, staff, and assistants are all very pleasant and competent. Highly recommended!

Carl L. | Aug 20, 2022
We followed Dr. from Redbluff to his new practice. The drive is worth it to us. Dr. Adams would be next to impossible to replace. Quality of work is excellent.

Al P. | Aug 19, 2022
Dr. Adams was very patient with my mom, listened to her concerns and let her talk.

Barbara M. | Aug 18, 2022
Dr Adam’s is a very kind and caring doctor. The staff is also kind and caring. I found the office decor to be very soothing and calming.

Lois V. | Aug 18, 2022
Very professional and thorough!

Irene R. | Aug 15, 2022
Dr Adams is skilled and knowledgeable. My treatment was exceptional. I would consider this practice a giant step above any dermatological practice that I have been to previously.

Dennis M. | Aug 14, 2022
I have been going to Dr. Adams for several years and followed him from his Derm Office in Red Bluff, CA to his current location in Lincoln, CA. It is well worth the travel! Dr. Adams is a caring physician and office visits are always very comfortable. Front desk staff is friendly and were very accommodating in scheduling my out of town appointment.

Marty M. | Aug 08, 2022
I and my husband are extremely satisfied and highly recommend Dr. Adams. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and took care of our dermatology problems without any effort at all. We are recommending him to our family and friends. We received much better care than we did from our previous dermatologist as he is so very knowledgeable and up to date with his practice.

Patricia T. | Aug 05, 2022
Hands down best dermatologist I’ve gone to. Thank you Dr. Adams!

Ashleigh B. | Aug 05, 2022
Wonderful! Good care with very personable doctor!

Merle M. | Aug 05, 2022
Dr Adams is absolutely incredible! He is thorough and is a true expert in medical dermatology. There are many dermatologists out there - but none compare to Dr. Adams and he will be my dermatologist for life. I highly recommend him and appreciate all that he's done for me and my family.

Nikki H. | Aug 05, 2022
Friendly and did an excellent job examining me . He found several items on me that the previous Dr overlooked. I’m very pleased that I found Dr Adams for my new Dermatologist.

James W. | Aug 05, 2022
I had a rash for almost a month. My primary Dr. referred me to a dermatologist within my insurance company, unfortunately it was a month out. I decided to look for a dermatologist on my own. I found Dr. Adams, made an appointment for a week out. Later that day the office called me to come in the following day. When I arrived I was informed that they had not opened the practice yet and I was his first patient at his new location. His staff was welcoming, friendly and professional. Dr. Adams made me feel very comfortable and I was satisfied with the outcome of my visit! You can tell he cares about his patients and takes pride in what he does. I am grateful that he took the time to see me sooner. If you are in need of a dermatologist, Dr. Adams in is.

Genesee R. | Mar 24, 2022
Derek is amazing!

Jessica D. | Mar 17, 2022
Dr. Adams and his staff are amazing. I called in a panic due to an itchy rash and his staff was able to get me in. Dr Adams immediately recognized the rash and got me on the right treatment. I would highly recommend this office.

Melissa W. | Mar 16, 2022